Friday, July 24, 2009

We have a slab !

After a couple of wet weather delays, the concretors finally got a run on site and poured the slab. It wasn't looking good on the morning of the pour, but the early morning rain dissapeared and held off for the day.

I also got a bobcat and truck in to take away the excess soil.

I still have to get power on, and we are still waiting for the fencer (the developer is yet to re-establish the survey pegs after removing them after my set out for their feature piers). Trusses are ready for delivery and I have ordered the timber for the frame. The carpenters are due Monday 3rd August.

Preparing the slab, with formwork almost complete:

Pump set up on site early in the morning:

During the pour:

Finshed product !
Looking from the front door:

Looking from the backyard (notice the pile of dirt has all but gone)

The "proposed" swimming pool area between the garage and alfresco.

View from the master bedroom:

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