Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Land settled, plans finalised

We built our home that we are currently in, and myself and the wife felt it was time for a move so we purchased a block of land in the Maples section of Laurimar (land was settled 31st May 2009). We picked out the block as it is placed on a street that is a one way street that loops around a park.

In order to suit the block and get exactly what we want where we want it, I decided to put pencil to paper and design the home myself. After quite a few drafts on paper and via a standard architectural drawing program i picked up, we finalised our design and gave it to a local draftsperson to draw up in cad.

The master bedroom will have it's own courtyard out the back, and the kid's backyard will be outside the rumpus/alfresco area. The windows opposite the lounge room will go from floor to ceiling to allow an uninteruppted view of the pool as you walk into the house.
I am still working out the finer details of the bathroom and kitchen.

We decided to put the kids up the front for two reasons. Firstly, we will be at the opposite end of the house in our own little wing, with our study near the master bedroom. Secondly it allows us to entertain friends and family without waking up the littlies (who are 7, 20 months and soon to be born - which means the proposed play room will be another bedroom)

The rumpus/family wall will be 600mm wide to allow for built in reptile enclosures and a bar on the rumpus room side. It's also not full height so the family room doesn't feel "blocked off".

Works are due to start this week. All design, colour selections and the supervision and management of the building itself will be done by us.

Now to see if the marriage survives another build !

Floor plan:

Front Elevation:


  1. wow thats quite a large house, whats the sqm of it? love the ample amount of play areas you have with the cinema/rumpus/study/spare bdrm.

    its just a shame that you couldn't have your master bedroom overlooking the pool somehow; my uncle was glazing a house overlooking and it really set the house off! not to mention the view from the kitchen.

    also strange how the bathroom is in the front of the house, however good for access, and acoustics from the cinema to the bedrooms.

    also, where is your pump room going to be for the pool?

  2. Sorry but I overlooked this comment, but I'll reply anyway !

    The house in total is about 35 squares, with about 29 squares of living and the rest made up of garage and alfresco.

    The house was designed to incorporate independant living areas (ie the kids, us and entertaining).

    The pool was positioned so the living area and entry surrounded it. I originally looked at putting a room to the back of the garage, but thought it would wreck the view of the pool as you walked into the home. It also pushed the alfresco back further down the block and not in the correct position.

    THe front bedrooms/bathroom came about when we were looking through some display homes. The wife loved the idea of the kids at the front in their own little "wing", so I designed the house around that. The bathroom had to be central as I didn't want a bedroom with skylights as the only source of natural light.

    The theatre only partially borders with the play room, which wasn't going to be slept in. By the time the soundstop plasterboard is installed, together with acoustic insulation, the kids rooms should be ok as the play room and bathroom seperate their room from the theatre. If it gets bad, maybe down the track I set the theatre up in the rumpus !