Friday, July 10, 2009

Drainage almost done & odd looking holes.

I visited site this morning and the drainage & sewer work is almost complete. Tapping has been completed and water is on. They have also excavated for the electrical services so I can now book in my sparky to lay some conduits below slab. Once the slab is poured I can get power to the site.

I also noticed a couple of holes in the front corners of my block. It seems the developer has excavated for footings for bluestone features piers that will be going in along the street at site boundary corners. In doing so, they have also removed the title pegs. Supposedly I was meant to get a letter telling me this was all happening, but I didn't and neither did the neighbour. They say they will re-survey the area and place a pin behind each pier to re-establish the title boundaries. I told them that I was within my rights to remove the said piers, but will see how they turn out before taking any further action. It could look odd with piers along the street, except for in front of me and my neighbour's house ! They were not part of any covenant, nor were they ever mentioned in the original contract of sale.

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