Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We're in !!

We moved in over the weekend, and have settled into the new home.
Kid's bedrooms, our bedroom and kitchen have been unpacked. The rest of the house is still in boxes. You also cannot move in the garage :)

There is still a few things to do such as the battens on the porch, front and courtyard pergola, and porcha and alfresco decking. That, and of course the landscaping and pool will all be done over the next couple months.

THe phone and TV were put on yesterday, and Foxtel is due Saturday. Internet still a little while away :(

This weekend I need to find myself a letterbox !

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Driveway in, granite done !

Unfortunately the kitchen cupboards and drawer fronts aren't due until Friday :(

Front driveway:

Close up of colour:

Kitchen. Granite has been installed, and pantry has been fitted out. The pantry will hold the microwave, kettle and toaster (as well as food). Two glass doors need to be installed to close it off.

Island bench. Cupboard doors need to be fit off underneath the bench also.

Theatre handles:

Ironing cabinet (cupboard door has been removed for installation)