Saturday, August 29, 2009

Frame is complete - ready for roof.

I haven't updated the pictures for a few days, but after 2 days of wind delays the frame is complete and trusses are up.

Here it is from the front, looking kind of half finished (which it will until brickwork in done)


Family (wuth rumpus behind)

Looking from alfresco. The open space to the right will be one large window overlooking the future pool from the entry.

From the backyard:

Side view:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Framing - day 1

I went to site this morning and saw what had been completed on day 1. As I drove to site, it started to rain, and got heavier and heavier. Day 2 of framing may have to be put on hold until the weather clears up. Grrr..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finally - chippies on site !

Carpenters have started today, so we are back on track. Unfortunately they are working off a generator as power still isn't on. The power company "defected" the work as the electrical trench wasn't completely backfilled. I went down to site and backfilled the trench within 5 minutes. Not that this mattered as the power company has re-scheduled the works and according to them have another 10 working days to turn power on.

Oh well, at least the frame is going up.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I hate having no control...

I can talk to subcontractors, I can organise things, but I can't find out when the power will be turned on. They have 10 working days. That's it. There is no "we have booked it in for Monday", or "we expect to have it done by Tuesday". It's just "we have 10 working days so leave us alone until then. If it's not done, then call us back".

Well the 10 days expires tomorrow. Hopefully I have power on by tomorrow as I have timber booked for delivery Friday, and carpenters booked to start the frame - and I don't want to delay everyone again.