Monday, July 13, 2009

Cost savings & time programs

I'm constantly checking my budgets and trying to figure out cost savings without compromsing what we want in the house and the quality of the build.

Just prior to commencement on site I rasied my budget to include things like a cedar garage door in lieu of a colorbond cedar look, and upgraded the appliances and fixtures and fittings. I also managed to downgrade some items as a few subcontractor quotations came in cheaper than I have budgeted for. Yay.

This morning I was working out the blinding concrete quantity I need for around the pool area. I originally allowed about 15m3, but since re-checking only need about 6m3 to cover the angle of repose at the footing. I'm not sure how I stuffed up my original quantities, but it does mean at about $200/m3, I'll be saving $1800. Yay again ! This also means that instead of booking a machine and doing it myself, I can get the concretor to do it. The lesser quantities don't make it worth my while doing it prior to the concretor starting. The concretor is still due Wednesday, providing the weather holds up.

I have been informed that my roof trusses have been delayed. I ordered them a little late so it is my fault...The carpenters are due around Wednesday 29th July to commence the frame. The trusses are due the 30th July. Hopefully they get to site prior to the carpenter's completing the frame. I also hope the windows make it on time !

It's a little difficult at times trying to build a house while working a full time job. I don't mind the 7am visits to site every morning, but it does get hard organising the trades, ensuring the work is completed correctly and to a high standard. Colour selections, quantifying materials and ordering them, selecting fixtures and fittings, etc is all pretty much done out of hours with only a few phone calls made during the day in relation to the house.

I'm about to finish up at work and now I have to take off the framing timber and order it so i can get delivery by early next week.

My program is to complete the house, landscaping, etc by the new school year (early February). It's a long build compared to some of the volume builders (approx 28 weeks in lieu of the 20-22 they quote), but we're doing it part time. We can handle the extra build time as we'll be saving builder's margin, which on a house is quite considerable.

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