Monday, November 9, 2009

Wow, that baby's come early - now it gets tough !

My wife gave birth on Friday - 10 weeks early. Wife and daughter are doing fine but it has thrown a spanner in the works. Apart from looking after the other 2 children and organising work, I also have to maintain the existing house that's on the market (thankfully renovations are complete) as well as build the new one. Busy times ahead.

Today was a busy day on site. The roofers are finishing the metal roofing to the garage, and the box gutter and flashings to the bedroom parapet. The plasterers have kicked off, installing battens and getting ready for the plasterboard installation.

The electrician is changing a few things around that I wasn't happy with, and the insulation installers finished their work over the weekend.

I also spent some time yesterday morning installing the alarm system and theatre cables along with a mate of mine. I have some serious favours to repay when this house is finished !

The bricklayer is due back mid week to complete the front portico and columns, as they run out of bricks last week and had to order more.

Hopefully the little one will be home by Christmas and our new home won't be far away from completion.

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