Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Plasterboard in - fix commenced

I've been a little busy so unable to update regularly. In between visiting the new baby in hospital every morning, working during the day, working on the house after hours, and taking care of the kids, it's been a little hectic !

Anyway, the plasterboard has been installed and the carpenter is currently fixing out the house (doors, skirtings, architraves, hardware).

Looking from just inside the front door (plaster yet to be hung on the sliding door walls):

Wide view showing window to pool area. I am still thinking of pulling this window out for one big clear opening (two sheets of glass butt jointed in the middle)

Looking from kitchen into family/meals area (rumpus behind half wall).

Kitchen. I bought the new fridge on the weekend. I have to move it from my current home, but I couldn't resist buying it when a current promotion means I also get a free LCD HD TV. Only a small one, but good enough for the alfresco area or billiard room.

Looking at low all from rumpus room. The void on the left will feature two glass sliding doors and be used as a display case for memorabilia (or maybe even an enclosure for the reptiles - yet to decide). The void on the right will be a built in bar cabinet (basically bar fridge under bench, shelves over, all behind some nice big cupboard doors). Both voids have lights and power points within. This room is also where the billiard table is going.

View into master bedroom. The two doorways are the ensuite and WIR. The design had to have us walking past these rooms in order to fit the master bedroom at the back of the house, so it can have it's own private courtyard. The wide corridor works well however.

Master bedroom:

The kids wing. Kid's bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a play room (which due to the new arrival will end up being 3 bedrooms !)

Laundry. On the left will be a full cupboard with linen, built in ironing board, and a broom cupboard. On the right hand side will be washing machine, dryer, trough, with a bench over the top and cupboards underneath (with a slide out clothes hamper).

Lounge/theatre room. As there isn't a fence up as yet, you can see right into next door's build. Before building we had a conversation with the builder next door. We both felt it would be easier leaving the fence down during construction (as we are both only 1 metre off the boundary for most of the house on this side). The space outside the door is the courtyard that sits between the lounge, study and kid's playroom. Not only does the courtyard "break up" the house, but it's existance also avoids the need of any west facing windows for the study or playroom.

View of courtyard from kid's playroom. Directly opposite is the study. To the right is the lounge/theatre. Now the playroom is being taken up with another child, the kid's will have to contain their mess within their own rooms ! Luckily the bedrooms are bigger than average so it shouldn't be a problem. If it is, then bad luck as they're not taking our study !!


  1. OMG, I just read about your bub! Well done, so glad to hear DW and bub are ok... Nice to see things moving along for you too, what a hand full you have! Jeesshh...

  2. A handful is one way to put it ;)