Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kitchen layout - I think I have finally done it !

After what seems to be an eternity of headaches and changing designs, I have finally come up with a sketch of something we both like. It's not the world's biggest kitchen and we want a nice "clean look" so it's created a few probelsm.

I've changed a couple of things, and one wall between the study and the kitchen will have to be moved in order for it to work, but I can live with that. I have also deepened the nib walls from 600mm to 750mm to fit the fridge. I could also move that back of the fridge wall back 150mm, but that would create a hassle with the bedroom and study entries.

The final result that I am hoping for is a nice clean wall where the cooktop is (drawers each side of the underbench oven and overhead cupbaords with an undermount rangehood). The overhead cupboards will probably be handle free to keep the clean lines.
THe sinks will be undermount, and the pantry doors glass with an aluminium frame. One door slides into the adjacent bench, but I am thinking of sliding the other one (the left one) behind a fake cupboard (a joinery wall), rather than a plasterboard wall.

The microwave, toaster and kettle will be placed on the prep bench and serviced with an exhaust fan over the bench. THe pre bench also doubles up as a pantry, with shelves over head. I am thinking that two rows of shelves won't be too high, and will provide about 7 metres of shelf. I can also put shelves or cupboards, or food drawers under the prep bench. I've seen a couple of house with the pantry over the prep bench and it seemed to work.

I may also chase out the slab so I can fit a sink into the corner of the prep bench - but I am yet to decide on that.

I have gone with an extra wide island bench in order to create space for placing food, etc when guests come around, as well as reduce the width between the island bench and the cooktop bench. The island bench will have granite waterfall ends and be open on the family room side for seating.

THe kitchen will be finished in 2 pac as I love how it looks.


  1. So far, so good - although a little behind schedule..

  2. Hi hopefully you get this. Just wondering if you have white birch windows, what colour fascia did you have and the garage door at the back. Thanks kirsty