Friday, October 30, 2009

Plasterboard ready to go...

I've been slack with taking photos, but I thought I had better post some updates as very soon most of it will be covered in.

The brickwork is probably a day or two away from being complete, and rain is forecast for the next week or so ! It's not a major concern as it won't hold me up any longer. I just hope the roofer can still get to site next week to install the garage roof and the box gutter behind the bedroom parapit.

All services have been roughed in. Electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, smart wiring. Over the weekend I'll rough in the alarm system with a friend of mine, and probably rough in the theatre cables.

The double sliding doors to the lounge/theatre were hung and they look great (well as good as they can without any plasterboard installed). The room will be able to function as a closed up, "as close to soundproof as I can get" theatre, or as an open lounge room - depending on what happens when we move in.

The plasterboard is due to start Monday 9th November.

Front of house:

Future pool area:


Looking down into house. Lounge doors open:

Door closed:


Family, with Rumpus behind low wall.

Rumpus (looking at low wall). The wall will feature a bar unit built in on the right hand side (full height). On the small side, there will either be two glass sliding panels and a cabinet created for memorabilia, or a couple of reptile cabinets built in.

Looking past the ensuite and WIR into the master bedroom.

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