Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's all happening today.....fixing problems - moving date confirmed !

They numbered in their thousands on site today. Carpet layers, cabinetmakers, electricians, shower screen installer, skylight installer, carpenter.

Finally I have a front door ! Unfortunately i forgot to tell the door people to order the door without the sill so yesterday me and the carpenter were on site doing some modifications to the door frame. Cutting the sill off meant having to remove the glass side lite, so I'll have to call in a glazier.

The door was hung and lock installed, so I have a front door for the first time during the build - and I move in 2 weeks ! The moving date has been confirmed on 6th February so it's rush rush until then.

Today we had a few problems with the kitchen, and where services have come out of the wall, but we fixed those. We also had a skylight ready to go in, but it doesn't fit. The trusses are 600mm centres throughout the roof, except for over the bathroom where they meet and are about 470mm apart. A new skylight was ordered and will be installed shortly.

The carpet looks great ! We are really happy with our choices for the timber floor and carpet. I'll post some pictures shortly.

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