Saturday, August 29, 2009

Frame is complete - ready for roof.

I haven't updated the pictures for a few days, but after 2 days of wind delays the frame is complete and trusses are up.

Here it is from the front, looking kind of half finished (which it will until brickwork in done)


Family (wuth rumpus behind)

Looking from alfresco. The open space to the right will be one large window overlooking the future pool from the entry.

From the backyard:

Side view:


  1. blog is fantastic. how big is the house going to be? i love the colour scheme.

    what is the deal with the stone pillar out the front? it does not seem to fit the overall vision. wouldn't it have been easier to build it last?

  2. Thanks.
    The stone pillars were put in by the developer on every boundary. I received the letter telling me they were doing it after they had been installed and was not notified before settling on the land.

    If they end up in my way, I guess I have the right to knock them down ! I think I made a blog entry about this earlier.

  3. Oh, and the house overall is about 35 squares, with about 29 squares of living and the rest made up of garage and alfresco.